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First, I would like wish my friend Sinabu a happy belated Birthday *Big wulf hugs* :D

Second, I had nice time Champlain Valley Fair and it was packed full of people. I went on some rides, like the bumber cars, Dutch Wheel, Merry Mixer and the Tornado. There is one ride I loved, called Storm. It spins in three different directions at once and it played dance music, like Crazy Frog and Cotton eye joe with lights flashing on the ride like a rave. After some rides, I got some fair food like, cheese burgers, homemade fries and a giant creampuff. I bought two very nice Werewolf shirts, from a local vendor who sells stuff every year at the fair. I walked around with my shirts in tow and I looked in the fairs convention Center. I saw the Sand Sculpture there were making, one side of it was Belle and the Beast. I started to cry because it resparked me to start again with my beast costume.

Finally on Sunday, vermont got nailed by Irene. I lost power for a hour, just lots rain and wind.


Updates meh...


Hello LJ land! It's update time!

First, some bad news I'm unable to go to the furmeet in rutland, because my ride pulled out at the last moment, but I can go to the local fair instead and have some fun tomorrow. :)

Second, I got this cute pic of Silvermane as the big bad wolf from Huttsergreywolf

http://www.furaffinity.net/view/6367866/ the pic is kinda "PG"

His prices are great for his art style(he's a fat fur/ Vore artist). Go ceck him out and show him some love.

Finally, I hope vermont doesn't get hit by Hurricane Irene, sunday.


FA you fail!

I tried for an hour to get onto FA, but there giving me a Error 502. Maybe it's DoS attacks again???

Meh, there goes my day...

Edit: Fixed...

testing 123! is this thing on?

My vacation to upstate Newyork was ok, not perfect but ok...

My vacation went well, some hickups but I always try to look on the brighter things of life. I had a good time at the Six Flags, but until I lossed my older sister and I had to page her. She got upset a me, because I paged her at the Costumer Service stand. I think she was stressed out, because her boyfriend was bulling, that he couldn't go to the horse races to bet money(I think he has gambeling problem). I some cute mascots their at a show, one was a orange fox named Frankie and a brown bear named Honey bear. They never broke character(even taking photos with the kids) and it warmed this wolf's heart. After seeing there performance, it resparked my love of fursuiting and making kids happy.

For rides I went on "The Comet"(a wooden rollercoaster) and the Canyon Blaster(a steel rollercoaster), they were fun.


I moved some stuff around my room today, because I needed some space for my new a dark brown Teddy Bear, I got at Cosco yesterday. He's big as I am and he weighs around 25 pounds. Bringing him home was tricky, because he took up the whole back seat and he's very bulky. I gave him the name of Papabear, because he's the largest plushie I have to date.

In other news, I got a new pic of Silvermane from   k9manx90 and I just love it so much

Thanks K9!



Well everything is doing fine on my end.

I did some suiting for a local field days on friday, I did wear his full costume(including his silly belly) because I couldn't go suiting on with the Vermont Furs on saturday. I suited for a hour and I made the lasses swoon, with my charming poses. I didn't run into rentacops and I dance to the DDR songs, playing at the Super Himalaya, didn't mind acting silly. I did ruin the magic, when I drank my Gatorade to refresh my body and no one minded.



Well, I watch through all of Doctor Who: Season 5(matt smith) and my favorite episodes are...

11th Hour(funny as hell)
Beast Below
Victory of the Daleks
Amy's Choice
Hungry Earth
Cold Blood
Vincent and the Doctor
The Big Bang

Second, I will be going to the Furmeet on Saturday and I'll be bring my Silvermane this time, can't wait! :)
After work on saturday, I'll be high tailing to burling for 4:30 for the meet. Friday night I will be packing silvermane for Saturday, because I go to work a 6am and get out at 3. This will be my first time taking him to a furmeet and I hope they'll like him. Also, he'll be in full steampunk garb, can't wait! :3

In other news, I got my Dog tag from Sinabu and I love it sooo much, thanks Sinabu! :) I can wear it for the meet. :)


Anime meet

I went to the Anime meet today at FYE in the mall and I did have a charming time, this time around.

I did go as Silvermane, but I did leave his belly padding home because it was still kinda hot out. As I got to the mall, I put my tail, paws and I threw Silver's red Shirt/gray vest. As I got inside FYE, I put my blackout mask on and than silvermane's mask.

We had about 10 people their, not a bad turnout for the weather. I hungout with the other costumers(a yamcha, pervy sage and a kiva from wolf's rain too name a few) and we chatted about the upcoming BakuretsuCon, because it's going to be the biggest con yet!

Even they loved my gruff voice, but it's still a killer on my voicebox. At least they thought my gruff voice was cute, because I sounded like a cartoon wolf.

It was a good day. :)


Been Thinkin'

I been thinking about silvermane and I would like to get a new mask for him.

His old mask still has a lot of years left, but I would love to get a Verdun manor werewolf mask or a close match. Something that was premade, so don't need to commission and Something that would last for a long time.

But if worse comes to worse, I can commission a mask from Ysengrin, when he opens up again, maybe this fall?


Clinton County Fair

It did clouded over today, I decided to go, to the Clinton County fair over in newyork state and have some fun.

I looked at all the Shops and all the shows. I bought 2 wolf shirts and one of them was the three wolves moon.

I went on some rides and got some fair food, like a Cheese burger and fried Oreos.

*pats big wolf belly*

Oops I totally forgot I saw the Original Batmobile at the Fair. It was the Ford Concept they used in the old tv show and it all had the props like in the show. The owner was showcasing the original papers(like the Tax and Title), with a photo of him and Adam West both in the car.

Edited, thanks Zytx!


Is it fall yet?

It's been hot and humid up here in newengland, it's insane here for the last two days.

I can't wait for fall so I can suit again with out overheating, because of Silvermane's padding and all that faux fur/latex. *gumbles*

Also, I would like to thank sinabu for letting me commission him for a photo dogtag for my Character.

Thank Dude!

BakuretsuCon is coming up sooooo fast, it's not even funny and I do have my final costume list for the con

Thursday and Friday: Silvermane(still thinking about should or shouldn't Wear the padding)

Saturday: Beast(maybe I might enter him in the Hallway costume contest)

Sunday: Steampunk Garb or Silvermane.

That's all Folks!

Blood moon

I just came back from shutting my car's windows and I looked up to see a Blood Moon(the moon is redish orange) in the night sky.


Happy Potter 7 pt. 2

Lj-cut for Spoilers

Read more...Collapse )

Jacked from Bloodwolves

Which My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic pony are you?

You're the friend everybody can rely on- the one who'll lend a shoulder to cry on, the one who'll never let people down, the one who will drop everything to help if a friend is in need. Genuinely a very reliable and trustworthy pony, you're incapable of telling a lie. You'll always speak the truth- even if it hurts. Because you are so open with your thoughts and feelings, your brusque comments can come off as a little too harsh at times. But that's you- rough around the edges, but steadfast through-and-through!

Take this Quiz · Browse Quizazz

Writer's Block: Happily ever after…

What's Harry going to do now that the series is over?

Take a lifetime of Vacation, Harry!

You Deserve it! :)

*pats big wolf belly*


First off, I got my commission today and Silvermane looks so awesome with his mussle gut.


I really think, adding a big belly to him was a great choice, because it looks good on him. I think I might commission k9manx90 again, down the road.

Second, I hope FA doesn't tank, because of the whole Furocity deal.

Third, I took my uncle to the local "Wally world"(walmart), because he needed a new coaster bike. After that we went to the mall, I got the Doctor who complete series 5(Matt Smith) and also I broke down and got a gaint teddy bear.

He's a cutie.


First, I can work more on Silvermane agian because Beast is all finished for BakuretsuCon. I just love Silvermane so much and he's a deserves to be worn again, maybe I can take him to the local Carnival this August. Also, I did commission a picture of Silvermane by this very talented artist.


His prices a really cheap, but his Artwork is Awesome! :)

Finally, I picked up a DVD of Super Mario Bros the Movie and it just as good when I first saw it on Comedy Central, when I was a kid. *major fanboying*


Writer's Block: Going for the throat

Would you rather be a vampire or a vampire hunter, and why?

Well... I rather be a Werewolf *howls wildly* because, there loyal to friends and become a very powerfull Beast at will. As a werewolf you get the best of both worlds, you get to slay Vampires and be immortal. Plus, you can scare the local people for alittle fun and remind them there protected from the vampires threat. *bolts in the forest*

Update time! :)

First off, I went to see Transformers 3 today... Wow just wow, loved every second of it! It had Action, a love story and jokes that made the whole thearter bust out laughing. :)

Second, I broke down and got a Ironhide figure(I'm totally a Transformer geek). I really like Ironhide because, he's a loyal autobot, a friend to Sam(Spike) and also he has a lion like face. Also, I picked up a Holly Shiftwell car for my young Nephew, because he has stomach flu and he loved her so much

Finally, I will be going to a FYE anime meet on the 24th and I'll be taking Beast with me. I can't wait to show him off for the other Costumers/Cosplayers and it's going to be so much fun.

Yep I've beaten Ol' Ysengrin on this Gem


The new Torchwood miniseries, can't wait!


The big unveilling


Big Bad Wolf Silvermane: Grin
Silvermane Tobias Bloodpaw II
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